Everyone has a preconceived notion of what a monster is, whether they think of the things that go bump in the night or of the shadows that follow you through dark alleys and empty halls. My name is Teegan Milton and I am a fourth year university student focusing on a drawing major. I was first drawn to art as a way to help cope with mental and physical ailments and from this my practice grew and the monsters in my head were birthed onto the page. My work focuses on a personal discussion of mental health from my own experiences along with others recollections. This led to a deeper exploration of darker aesthetics and the more intrusive aspects of the mind. My practice features a collection of narrative based illustrations that conform to a certain aesthetic and story. Using mainly ink my work focuses on the surrealistic twisting of the human figure into a creature of the night. I feel that the use of the human figure allows the viewer to create a more personal connection to my practice. More of my work is available to view on instagram at artist_unrestricted.