April 2019


15′ tall 7′ diameter


Approximately 200 hours.

This 15 foot demo piece was my first stainless build. ‘Peter’ generates the most traffic past our front yard. I believe that I would not have even attempted building steel sculptures without the expert guidance of my 90 year old machinist friend, Peter Spady. I started this build with a drive to impress my friend with what he taught me. No shortcuts. “When in doubt, go up a size and use a grade 8 bolt”. Peter’s reputation mirrored his own favourite build term ‘skookum’. He was a strong and sturdy 90 year old German.

I had only finished building the ‘jigs’ I would require for this project, when I heard the news that “Peter passed away last night”. First struck with grief of loss and seconds later realizing, there will be no more advise on this path and I won’t feel the ‘pat on the back’ at the finish line. Weeks passed before finding that drive again. Then I went back to the shop with the added pressure that from above, Peter is watching every measure, cut, weld and polish. No shortcuts. Thanks to you Peter.

This ornament is most mesmerizing at low speed but also performs a fantastic show in a 90km/hr wind. This one will choose to broadside the wind and spin but not orbit much until the wind direction changes.