Dodd Ulrich


Serenity Spinners produces zero maintenance kinetic sculptures from everlasting stainless steel. Serenity Spinners is registered as a business, but has yet to do any business. I intend to make this my ‘full time’ in the near future.


Genre & Styles

Dodd Ulrich (he, him) grew up in Nipawin Saskatchewan and moved to Alberta after graduating high school in 1984. For 30 years he has called Alliance Alberta home.

It was during a visit to Sedona Arizona in 2017 that he ran across some large wind ornaments. After returning home, he couldn’t stop thinking about what he had seen. With many years of welding for a variety of industrial applications, he wondered if he could take that skill to art. With much design guidance from an old machinist, he started the process. He thought large was nice, so lets go even larger and if one is going to all that effort it may as well be made from stainless steel. Never veering from that, his products are stainless steel from the ground through the bearings, right to the spinning vanes.

Dodd credits most of his metallurgy knowledge to not one but two old Germans in his lifetime and himself identifies with a German last name. As some would say stainless steel is difficult to work with he likes to compare stainless steel to himself. “It is stubborn but not as stubborn as an old German”.

Recent works include an 8’ x 8’ x 30” wedding arch, a 4’ diameter collection of spinning martini glasses and a couple ‘Peter Juniors’.

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