Jocelyn Lamothe


tanisi! Hello! I live in Treaty 6 Territory, Region 4 of the Métis Nation of Alberta, of which I am a citizen. Finding my way as an artist has been sparked through the combined love of family, learning, and creating. Beading is medicine.

Born and raised in the Edmonton area, Jocelyn’s Cree- Métis ancestry is traced back through the Peace River area, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. She has been beading for the past several years, gratefully acknowledging family members, Elders and mentors, along with blood memory for her artwork. Each piece includes a gold bead from her father’s beading kit, representing gratitude and love for him and all ancestors.

Her Cree-Métis heritage comes from her father’s family. Her grandmother, born at Big Prairie, Alberta attended St. Bernard’s Residential School in Grouard. Métis scrip has been traced to both her great-grandfather, who fought in the Battle of Batoche alongside his brothers, as well as her great-great grandmother, who was born on the Great Plains. The scrip includes the location St Charles parish, Manitoba, and dated August 18, 1875.

Her family names include Jobin, Caron, Dumas, Mandeville, with ancestry traced back to the early 1800s.

Through her mother’s family, Jocelyn has European Settler heritage with ties to Iowa, Scotland, and Sweden. Common threads amongst her parents include love for family, music, creating, and living with the land.

Jocelyn completed her first beaded piece in 2017 and felt an instant connection to the beads and has been practicing her craft continuously since then. Willow Rose Beads began in 2020, and Jocelyn was awarded the first Amy Willier Memorial Award for Indigenous Artists, 2021, presented by Avenue Magazine’s Made in Alberta Awards.

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