The 2018 Winter/Spring Arts & Recreation Brochure is here!
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Download a copy of the brochure:  *** CAS Winter&Spring brochure 2018 ***

  • Multiple Dates – Function Fitness; progressive fitness classes to improve your health
  • Multiple Dates – Tai Chi Directionsbeginner and intermediate classes available
  • Multiple Dates  – Creative Arts for Children; weekly art class for kids aged 7-9
  • Multiple Dates – Creative Arts for Youth; students aged 10+ will learn to use multiple mediums
  • February 16 – Paint n’ Sip! Night Lights; our first Paint n’ Sip of the year is instructed by Tara K
  • February 22 – Skating on Mirror Lake; a themed night of acrylic painting for kids aged 8+
  • February 23 – Paint Night for Youth; kids aged 9-12 will create a cool painting of the Northern Lights
  • February 24 – Spirit Dolls; Art Therapist Nikki Featherstone leads this afternoon of intention & creation
  • February 24 – How To Write A Book in 40 Days; Join author Linda Finstad for excellent writing tips & help
  • February 25 – Old Red Barn in Watercolour; a great workshop choice for all skill levels
  • February 27 & March 6 – Starry Sky in Watercolour; kids aged 9-12 will learn a variety of watercolour techniques
  • March 8 to April 26 – Beginner Bridge; learn the basics, or just come to play in this free course
  • March 10 & 11 – Copper Pot, 2 Lemons, & Orange; oil painting class suitable for intermediate levels
  • March 13 – Country Barn in Acrylics; create an old barn and foliage in acrylic paint with Tara K
  • March 15 – Fantasy Flower Garden; a messy and fun class for kids aged 7+
  • March 16 – Paint n’ Sip! Stiletto Rouge; take a walk on the wild side with these striking red stilettos!
  • March 18 – Koi Fish Swimming; Willie Wong leads this stunningly colourful watercolour class
  • March 18 – Fleur de Lis; work on two canvasses at once to create a stunning “set” of opposite coloured paintings
  • March 20 & 27 – Prairie Warbler; bring this beautiful bird to life on your canvas in this two-day acrylic workshop
  • March 22 – Baby Sign Language; learn how to effectively communicate with your baby through sign language
  • March 23 – Paint n Sip Butterfly on Barn Board; choose the colour of your butterfly to create this beauty on barn board
  • April 6 – Paint n Sip Venice Canal; float down a canal in the beautiful old Italian city of Venice.
  • April 7 – Drawing Workshop for Children; learn the basics of drawing with pencil. Recommended for ages 8-10.
  • April 7 – Drawing Workshop for Youth; learn the basics of drawing with pencil. Recommended for ages 11-13.
  • April 8 – Tree Heart For Twospend some quality time with your partner, family member, or BFF! Work on three canvasses together
  • April 14 – Coloured Pencil Portraitstep by step guidance with skin tones, values, blending, facial features, and problem solving
  • April 17 – Into the Night; capture a luminous glow with moonlight reflecting on water in this night time acrylic painting.
  • April 19 – Feathered Friend; learn how to blend colour as you fill your canvas with a cute bird portrait!
  • April 20 – Paint n Sip – Paris at Night; light up your night with this impressionistic creation of the illuminated Eiffel Tower!
  • April 21 – Mixed Media Triptych; a triptych is a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, etc.
  • April 21 – Photographic Composition; learn some guidelines for good composition. Designed for beginners to intermediate level.
  • April 22 – Vintage Bookshelf; paint a shelf of vintage books on a specialty sized long narrow canvas.
  • April 24 – Mushrooms; slip into the enchanted world of the forest floor to create this up-close study of mushrooms
  • April 28 – Tile Whimsy; have fun creating tile art using alcohol inks and embellishments like stenciling, acrylics, gems, and more!
  • May 1 & 8 – Owl Buddies; two owls in a tree? Yes please! Learn some finer painting techniques to bring these two buddies to life!
  • May 3 – Mother’s Day Duet; Mom and child will each paint an owl picture that when hung together display a loving message.
  • May 4 – Paint n’ Sip! Lose Track of Time; wander off into the unknown along railway tracks in this slightly eerie scene!
  • May 4 – Paint Night for Youth “Sailing at Sunset”; Recommended for ages 9-12
  • May 5 – Taking Better People Pictures; learn how to take better individual and group pictures of people.
  • May 5 – Winter Elkenjoy painting this majestic creature set in a winter scene, with acrylic paint.
  • May 5 – Drawing with Pencillearn the basics of drawing with one of the best!
  • May 6 – Acrylic Landscapecreate two beautiful 11×14 inch landscape paintings with artist David Shkolny
    May 10 – Evening Campfire; create the warmth of a crackling campfire using acrylic paints.
  • May 12 – Female Nude in Watercolour; create this exquisite nude with instructor Willie’s help.
  • May 12 – Taking Better Landscape Pictureswe can help you capture those beautiful sunsets or fall colours.
  • May 13 – Branch Outdetailed and bright foliage steal the show in this nature lovers workshop!
  • May 15 – Morning on the Lake; paint your own beautiful view of a wooded lake in the morning light!
  • May 17 – 3 Cats on a Fencepaint 3 cats on a fence with a full moon backdrop! Recommended for ages 7+.
  • May 22 – Prairie Journeytravel through the Prairies with easy step by step instruction to capture this timeless scene on canvas.
  • May 24 – Dancing Fairiescreate lively little fairies dancing under the stars. Recommended for ages 7+.
  • May 25 – Paint n Sip Sea the Light;  learn impressionistic techniques using loose brushstrokes to create this lighthouse scene.
  • May 26 – One Day Masterpiece; students will complete a painting while being encouraged to explore their own personal expressions


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