Dieter Kirsch

Have always been an explorationist in everything I do and that includes art. Always searching for a new angle or way of presenting the common place.


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Dieter started painting in 2002 after a lengthy career using digital presentations and hand drawn images of the geological past. An intuitive realization of the effect of colors and shapes upon client’s perception of reality lead him into the world of acrylic paintings.

Being an individual that revels in colors and texture, his subjects range from mountain scenery to wildlife to marine images. The manner of presentation and use of colors to replicate reality takes him far away from abstract. A collection of personal photographic images gathered over the years in his many endeavors of mountaineering, camping, cycling and kayaking continue to supply an endless source of inspiration.

Upon arrival into the maritime region of Canada he was smitten with the sensuous nature of small wooden boats and the ever changing moods of the salt water around him. Immersing himself into sea kayaking has led to the exploration and wonderment of small bays and headlands that are not available to those that remain on the shore. As the saying goes “you haven’t seen the shore until you have seen it from the water’.

During his time scuba and snorkeling it was also the exposure to the treatment of light in a water environment that has influenced some of his recent works. Having focused on sea turtles and marine mammals as subjects he rose to the challenge of underwater light and its interplay with the marine world. Major pieces are on display at the “Mock Turtle” in Shediac as well as other galleries and private collections across Canada. Moving from the underwater world to the dynamics of the ocean or shorelines has resulted in a massive collection of paintings incorporating salt water. Currently focusing on land mammals has brought an entirely new focus to his painting.

Returning to Alberta will present an entire universe of new challenges and opportunities to be fully explored.

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