Stephanie Lane


Artist and Art teacher specializing in Acrylic, Oils and Cold Wax, and Resin Art. Commissions are available as well as quite a bit of art onsite at my home studio to choose from.


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Stephanie Lane is a self taught abstract and resin artist from Camrose, Alberta. She has been creating art full time for the past 6 years and has always dabbled in art throughout her life. She currently works in acrylics as well as oil and cold wax. She has also been introduced into encaustics and has been slowly adding that to her repetoire. In addition to painting, she also enjoys doing resin work due to the spontaneity and versatility of the medium. She also teaches many of the concepts of the mediums she works with.

When asked about her process and influences, she says, “My abstracts are influenced by old peeling walls, aged plaster and concrete, geology, ancient maps, texture of all kinds, and of course – emotion is always present in my paintings. You put your heart and soul into every piece. They bring good energy into your home because each one has been lovingly brought to life and poured over for many hours to get the effect just right. Many of my abstracts have at least 3-5 layers, sometimes more. Each layer, gently peeled away in spots and left in other spots brings history, interesting marks and colours for the viewer. My process is simple – if something interests me such as some rust stains running down a wall or an interesting rock with various lines and marks, I start to paint it in a very interpretive way. As it progresses, it moves in a very organic direction, and I use my intuition to guide me. This is my most successful way to paint – to not have too much structure at the beginning, and as it develops, there is more discipline and concrete ideas coming forward.”

Feel free to contact Stephanie for commissions and to learn more about her art classes.

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