Art Walk Through the Gardens: Back for 2023!

The Camrose Arts Society is pleased to announce the second chapter to our Art Walk Through the Gardens event, taking place July 15th from 11am – 4pm.

This popular event made it’s debut in 2022 with wonderful reviews and 2023 is looking to be even better. 

Art Walk Through The Gardens connects Art & Garden; Gardener and Artist.

Interested in taking part?

You can get involved in four ways!

Host a Garden, Be an Artist, Volunteer, or Be a Ticket Holder.

As a Host Garden

We are looking for Garden hosts to open their yards in our tour which will see Artists (such as Painters, Musicians, Photographers, Writers, Actors) and other Artisans working live or showing their work in your garden. 

As a garden host, you will be able to show off and talk about your lovely gardens with our ticket holders.

As an Artist

We are looking for Artisans of all types to paint, display, sing, play or perform in our gardens during the tour. 

You will be assigned to a garden and will be able to meet, sell, talk about and demo your art form.

Not only is this a great opportunity to promote yourself but it lets our local community get up close to working artisans, see your process, and ask questions.

Artists who participated last year have said it was one of the best events they have attended. 

We do ask that you become a member of the Camrose Arts Society.
Become a member here!

Volunteer with Us

We need volunteers to set up at the gardens, greet guests, and clear up after the event. Interested in helping out?

Buy a Ticket

We have a limited number of tickets available for this event. When you purchase a ticket, you get a map of the gardens on the tour – this is your ticket to get through the event!

You’ll be able to wander through our Garden selection in any order you’d like.

Make a day of it with friends or family.

We’ll make sure you get your map before the event.

Tickets will be available after May 18th.

You can purchase your ticket online, or at a local business to be determined.

The Art Walk Through the Gardens will take place rain or shine – so be prepared!

During the day of the event take your time, talk to the garden hosts about their gardens, talk to the artisans about their craft, spend some time visiting and learning. And have fun!

Until then, happy creating!






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